Whats On

Over the course of the two day event, the MCV Future Games Summit will host an expertly curated programme of unmissable presentations and group discussions that focus in on the present and future landscape of the interactive entertainment industry. An array of industry titans will offer in-depth insights on topics, ranging from narrative storytelling, gamer conversion and influencer marketing all the way through to the acquisition and development of talent, diversity in games and much, much more.

2019 Hot Topics

Artificial Intelligence

Now is the time to explore the cutting-edge tools and methodologies available to enhance the overall gameplay experience – and the ethics and best practise that developers must employ when implementing artificial intelligence into their games.

Virtual Reality

The possibilities with virtual reality and augmented reality seem endless and developers are racing to be at the forefront of the next VR revolution. Potential applications of immersive tech extend far beyond the realm of ‘entertainment’ and there are plenty of initiatives and funding opportunities to match.



Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly prevalent, particularly in the games world. Favoured by developers to implement seamless and secure in-game payment systems, gamers also benefit from virtual currency taking on real life value.

2017 talk titles included

“An exploration of the impact of streaming on the evolution of game development”
Featuring panellists from Jagex, Dingit.tv, Creative Industries Federation and more


“The next generation of narrative storytelling – maximum innovation for maximum ROI”
Featuring panellists from inXile, Supermassive Games, Cavallier Game Studios and more

“Talent development and retention – From indies to majors”
Featuring panellists from Aadvark Swift, Ubisoft, Imaginarium and Red Kite Games